Frequently Asked Questions


As the Young Thunderbirds Football program grows, the need for additional volunteers also grows. With the huge growth of our flag football program, we have a need for two positions to represent Flag Football.

Flag Football Coordinator

This position will lead all flag football registration and team/coach placement. This will include managing individual registrations to ensure teams have an appropriate amount of players on each team. This person will work with the Flag Coaching Coordinator to identify coaches. This position will also order flag jerseys and distribute to coaches for delivery. The 'busy' months for this positions would be end of July - beginning of September for Fall Flag, and January - beginning of March for Spring Flag.

Flag Coaching Coordinator

This position will work with all flag football coaches to coordinate teams and player placement. This position will also work to identify new coaches and plan 1 coaches meeting per season. Additionally, this position will be responsible for filling coaches bags, bag distribution, and working with coaches to get coaches bags back at the end of the season.


At this time, if these positions remain unfilled on July 15, 2022 we will have to place the flag football program on hold until these positions are filled. If you have questions about these roles, or are interested in filling one of these roles, please contact us at youngthunderbirds@yahoo.com